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Hurt in a Drunk Driving Motor Vehicle Accident?

Attorney Representation in Denver, Colorado Since 1979

The absolutely worst case scenario that Lampert & Walsh, LLC faces are those car accidents that involve drinking and driving. Drunk drivers put everyone at risk once they decide to get on the road and ignore the safety of others. Drunk driving leads to an increased chance of car accidents and these collisions often leave the other party substantial injured or worse yet, killed. The individual that choose to drink and drive deserves no mercy and should be held fully accountable to the individuals and families they injury. While the State of Colorado will handle the criminal charges, the victims of these drunk driving car crashes are entitled to justice and compensation.

The Colorado Congress is attempting to pass legislation that will uncap the non-economic damages that are available to victims of drunk driving. You need a law firm that knows about this potential change which will affect how much money you and/or your family will receive following this tragic event. If you have been involved in a car crash or motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver, it is important to contact our firm so we can start the healing process and make sure that the driver is ultimately held accountable for causing the car accident and injuring an innocent victim.

The most important thing to our law firm is that the client recovers from their injuries or is placed at maximum medical improvement prior to attempting to settle their case. We work with a vast number of doctors in the Denver metro area and can even find a doctor to treat your injuries on a lien basis. Just because you are not insured, doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain.

Choosing the right law firm will ultimately affect if you will get the settlement you deserve. Lampert & Walsh only does Plaintiff’s civil litigation and 95% of our cases involve motor vehicle accident and car crash cases in the Denver metro area. General practice law firms often do not understand how to handle these drunk driving car accident cases. With Lampert & Walsh, LLC you will be able to talk to an attorney any day of the week and you will know exactly who your attorney is and what is being done on your case. We pride ourselves on being trial attorneys as members of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, which means we can take your case to trial instead of forcing you to settle your claim. We also pride ourselves on client communication and making sure that our clients are compensated and get the justice they deserve following a motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver.

Let Lampert & Walsh, LLC be your voice and hold the drunk driver that hit you responsible for ALL the damage that it has caused you and your family. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out more about what we can do for you!