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Alex Cairo

Wow! Sean Walsh was able to get me policy limits for my case without me ever having to step foot in a courtroom!
I first heard of Lampert & Walsh while I was being adjusted by my chiropractor Dr. Mike Beggs. I was telling Dr. Mike about my lawyer that was screwing up my file, so he referred me to Sean at Lampert & Walsh. After another lawyer kept losing my file and me having to start all over every time I spoke with her, I decided I had enough and after speaking with Sean, he quickly made me feel comfortable about hiring him and firing my other lawyer. Sean and his team are always there to help, whenever I had questions they had the answers. Sean and his team kept me in the loop and came through for me and my family. Some cases drag out because the insurance companies try to delay in paying what they owe, be patient and let Lampert & Walsh work to get you paid. They did it for me and my family and they can do it for you.

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