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71st PostGraduates Assembly in Anesthesiology Held in New York City

This past December, the 71st PostGraduates Assembly in Anesthesiology kicked off in New York City. The gathering attracted over 4,000 attendants from around the world, all interested in learning about the latest developments in anesthesia tech and science. The assembly offered over 200 educational sessions, special lectures, and even hands-on workshops for attendees to enjoy. The goal of the assembly was to bring folks together and have them share, expand, or develop new ideas in intensive care, emergency medicine and surgery, and pain management.

During the assembly, symposium director Edmon Cohen led the 4th Annual Thoracic Assembly Symposium, in which attendees were encouraged to take part and learn how to:

  • Manage anesthetic care for patients having invasive airway surgery, including tracheal injuries.
  • Understand recent developments in one-lung ventilation and how to minimize loss of oxygen to the limbs during one-lung anesthesia.
  • Discuss recent innovations in anesthesia for lung transplant patients.

Injuries caused by anesthesia continue to be a problem in the United States. Just recently, a California child lost her life during a dental appointment. According to the report, the child had a negative reaction to the anesthesia during dental procedures causing her heart to stop. While it is true that these types of death fell to about 4.6% in 2013, the rate has stayed consistent since then. Hopefully events such as the PostGraduates Assembly will continue to bring about improvements to medical practices and lower the percentage of anesthesia-related injuries in the near future.

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