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Accident Tips to Help Before and After a Car Accident

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Car accidents can happen to anyone, and they can occur at any time, whether you’re prepared for the outcome and circumstances or not. However, the more that you know about what you can do to prevent an accident, and also what to do after the accident, the less anxiety you can have while you’re on the road. There are some tips that you can follow in order to better prepare yourself in the event of a car accident:

Before the accident:

  • Have an emergency preparedness kit: In your car, you should equip yourself with some basic emergency preparedness tools in order to keep you safe if you happen to get into an accident. In the kit, pack: an extra cell phone, a disposable camera, pen and paper, medical information cards for you and your family members, emergency numbers and contacts, first aid kit, small road cones and/or emergency flares, and Mylar blankets.
  • Drive safely: This is an obvious tip, but the number one reason we get into car accidents is because someone wasn’t following the road rules and/or traffic laws. To minimize severe injuries, always wear your seatbelt, never speed, and remove any in-car distractions.

After the accident:

  • Report the accident: If you or others are mildly or severely injured, the first thing you should do is call 911. After medical personnel have confirmed that they are on their way, call the police and report that you were involved in an accident. If you are injured, try not to move too much and stay calm while you wait for everyone to arrive. Use your emergency kit to treat any minor wounds or to signal for help.
  • Exchange car insurance and driver information: The next step is crucial: exchange all information with the other driver involved. Make sure both of you have each other’s auto insurance information, and write down the individual’s name, address, driver license number, and license plate number.
  • Locate witnesses: Lastly, look around and find any witnesses that saw the accident. Get their name and number just in case you need them for your personal injury case.

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