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Intoxicated Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Driver: Who Is Liable?

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A 42 year old driver fatally struck a pedestrian in Denver, Colorado in mid-December last year. In this particular case, however, the driver may not be charged with anything due to officers’ suspicions that the pedestrian was intoxicated when he crossed the road. According to the report, officers investigated witness testimonies, tested the driver’s blood alcohol level, and even looked into the exact location that the pedestrian crossed the street. The officers found that the driver was not intoxicated during the crash. Further, it seemed that the pedestrian who was fatally struck had crossed the same road twice and chose to avoid using a crosswalk in both instances. Also, the… Read More

Ford’s Latest Idea Could Help Detect Driver Fatigue

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Ford may be the first automotive company to create a wearable device that can sense driver fatigue. The Ford Safe Cap comes with built-in sensors that can detect the head-nodding movements of a truck driver that may be falling asleep behind the wheel. Since truckers have a stressful, demanding job driving thousands of miles with little movement for hours at a time, it’s no wonder truckers are struggling to stay alert while on the job. This innovative technology could be a huge step forward for the trucking industry in minimizing fatigue related trucking accidents on major roads. The Ford Safe Cap also has built-in sensors in the lining that measure… Read More

Find Out What Americans Believe About the Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is dangerous; that much is almost universally accepted. But a new survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America discovered something interesting – Americans overwhelmingly believe that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving while under the influence of marijuana. Are they right? An interesting question, especially in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana. According to the survey, 91 percent of Americans believe that driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous. Eighty-seven percent say that people who drive under the influence of marijuana pose a danger to other people on the road. But only 40 percent of… Read More

What Caused This Downtown Denver Pedestrian Accident?

A late November pedestrian accident in downtown Denver left three people injured. They were rushed to a local hospital after being struck by a white van near the intersection of 15th and Stout. According to police, the driver of the van is cooperating with the investigation. It does not appear that he had intentions of violence, nor was he intoxicated. So, what, then, caused this driver to plow into a group of pedestrians? According to him, his foot got stuck on the accelerator of the van. What Do I Do If I Am Involved in a Pedestrian Accident in Denver? There are a number of actions you should take in… Read More

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt While Working at a Construction Site?

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Recently, three workers in Denver were hurt while working at a construction site. The incident happened on Brighton Boulevard. The construction workers were injured when a large chain that was being used to move a sewage pipe broke. After the chain snapped, it hit the workers, which led to their injury. Per the KDVR-TV, the Denver Fire Department was called to the scene. One of the workers had to be retrieved using a ladder truck after tumbling 30 feet. One of the workers took the most punishment from the chain, suffering severe injuries. The other two workers escaped with minor injuries. All three were taken to the hospital after the… Read More