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FAQ of a Denver Accident Lawyer

Accidents and injuries are unplanned and can be incredibly scary. The steps needed after an injury or accident, the time frame you have to file your case, the evidence you need can all feel daunting. That is why professional lawyers exist to tackle personal injury and car accident cases. You have a lot of questions, we have a lot of answers. What is Considered a Personal Injury? Personal injury law covers a range of injuries and often involves someone being at fault for your injury. Car accidents, which can be their own cases or fall under personal injury, result in 3 million injuries each year and almost 40,000 fatalities. For… Read More

What are Considered Boating Accidents?

When you’re talking about motorized vehicle accidents in law, you may not realize everything that covers. Car accidents come to mind or there may be a situation involving a pedestrian, but if you were injured in a boat accident then you can seek legal counsel to get payout for your injuries or property damage. All you need is the right resources — a lawyer to take your case. Boating is an enjoyable and relaxing pastime, but it can turn deadly. Like any motor vehicle, a boat comes with inherent risk involved. But when you’re victimized in an avoidable accident and find yourself facing medical bills and property damage, then it’s… Read More

Do I need a DUI Attorney if it’s Not My Fault?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to car accidents. There’s a lot of “rules” floating around about what to do and what to not do just after an accident, who to call, and what information to give. It’s complicated enough as it is, but things become even more complex when a drunk driver is factored into the equation. Accidents caused by drunk driving are unfortunately common and they can create a whole new wrinkle in the legal framework of your case. You know the drill by this point, you don’t admit fault in an accident, ever, and drunk drivers are a big reason why. Even if maybe you… Read More

What To Do If You’re In A Truck Accident in Denver

  Truck accidents are often more catastrophic than car accidents. There is not only a greater likelihood of damage to your vehicle, but sustaining physical injuries is more common as well. The legal claims process is also more involved, since the driver’s company will most likely be involved. Serious injury may occur at the scene of the crash, but there are still ways to improve the process of your claim. Discover the main things to avoid after a truck accident so your claim will be successful. About trucking accidents Although trucks provide vital transport of goods for our economy, data shows that truck safety on highways remains an ongoing risk…. Read More

Types of Claims Personal Injury Lawyers Take on?

The world of personal injury is wide and varied. Many events fall under the classification of personal injury law and some of personal injury can fall under other law jurisdictions. Part of it depends on the elements that led to the injury and what suit your attorney believes you have the best chance of winning in court. There are also very specific types of personal injury that may require a lawyer specific in that type of law. For example, negligence can require its own laws and own attorneys as well as car accident lawyers, specific automobile injuries, and even specific brain injury attorneys. How do you know what’s right for… Read More