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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident at Work

Accidents at work are not something to be ignored. Even if you find yourself injured through seemingly no fault of your employer, like a slip and fall accident, you may find serious medical damages to your person, lost work time and pay, and may find out that you’re owed worker’s compensation for your injury. Colorado law requires all employers of both private and public companies to insure their employees, both part-time and full time, for any injuries and illnesses they get while on the job, whether or not that injury had anything directly to do with your job. There are concrete steps you should take after your injury to make… Read More

When Should I Hire a Workplace Injury Lawyer?

Workplace injuries are no joke. Depending on the type of work you do and the severity of the injury, you could be looking at a very serious recovery period, lost hours, and very high medical bills. But, there is also a legal path to finding money and justice for the injury. No one should be hurt on the job, but when it inevitably happens, your employer is liable for the costs and damages sustained to you, depending on a few factors. Does my company offer worker’s compensation? The state of Colorado requires worker’s compensation coverage to be provided by all private and public employers, whether full or part-time, with few… Read More

How Do I Know If I Need A Negligence Attorney?

You can pursue a negligence claim up to two years after you were harmed by a person or entity, even if the damage done was unintentional. But what’s considered negligence? And how does one prove it? Discover what the common types of negligence are and whether you’ll need to file a claim with a negligence attorney in Denver. Common Types of Negligence  Specific negligence claims help determine who is at fault in a personal injury accident. Common negligence claims include contributory and comparative negligence. Contributory Negligence Contributory negligence acts under the ideas that each person has a duty to act “reasonably” and avoid injury. Even if another party was involved… Read More

Do I need a personal attorney after a scooter injury?

Electric scooters have been growing more and more popular when it comes to city transportation options. And scooter sharing companies have gained more traction in the industry. It’s not surprising that electric scooters are popular with city dwellers, especially since a scooter provides an affordable and eco-friendly means of transportation. However, there are a few key downsides when utilizing electric scooters. Many cities don’t have specific regulations when it comes to the use of these vehicles. Additionally, road safety, including the safety of pedestrians and scooter riders, comes into question. Find out more about scooter injuries and whether you’ll need a personal attorney when involved in an accident. Electric Scooters… Read More

Top Reasons to Go With a Brain Injury Lawyer

Curious about Brain Injury Lawyers in Denver? Knowing when to hire them, and why, can help you solve some of the biggest problems that come out of malpractice suits, wrongful death or injury claims, and other forms of legal action against negligence that resulted in brain injury. When To Hire A Brain Injury Attorney Whenever you or someone you love is wrongfully harmed and it results in brain injury, you should be pursuing legal action and hiring a lawyer. This should be an early call you make, and it’s important to fully trust the lawyer you decide to hire. Common causes of brain injury that are almost always suitable to… Read More