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Is Your Workplace Protecting Your Safety?

Staying safe while at work is never considered a privilege, but instead a right that every employee has. While part of protecting your safety is your job, such as wearing proper protective gear, it is also your employer’s duty to ensure that the work conditions are safe. It is also up to them to provide you the necessary equipment you need to stay safe. Workplace safety is a very important topic for both employers and employees. If an accident happens at work, not only is the employer liable for paying for your medical bills, they are also at risk of violating various laws and regulations that could shut them down…. Read More

Potential Damages You Can Recover in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a personal injury lawsuit, a lot can be targeted to help you get back what is owed to you. You should not have to suffer without compensation for any part of your recovery after an injury that was not your fault, and so you should take every action possible with a Denver Injury Lawyer to repair the damages that were made to you. 5 Major Damage Points In Personal Injury Lawsuits For a typical lawsuit that concerns with personal injury cases, your main goal is to get financial compensation for the injury you sustained. However, not everyone realizes how much can be included in that. The damage doesn’t only… Read More

What to do After A Collision With A Drunk Driver

According to the CDC, 29 people day within a 24-hour time period thanks to the result of a crash with drunk drivers. With over 11 million arrests for intoxicated driving annually, it’s a number that is sadly understandable. As such a serious epidemic as drunk driving is, you’re put at risk every time you use your car out on the roads, and it’s important to educate yourself on the steps needed for if you’re one of many involved in a crash like this. Call 911 The first step that should be taken in any event of a crash is by calling 911 to get both law enforcement and medical attention… Read More

Who is Liable After A Boating Accident?

A fun day out on a boat can turn into a nightmare in the event of an accident. Boating accidents can cause more than property damage—they can also be responsible for injuries. And if you’ve been out on a pleasure boat on a day that ended in disaster, you might be wondering what your next steps are. Who is liable for the accident? As with any motor vehicle accident, there are many factors that come into consideration when establishing fault. Here we will touch on just a few of the most common ones. If you have further questions or require clarification, reach out to a boating accident attorney.  Collision with… Read More

What to do Immediately After A Slip and Fall Incident

Denver slip and fall attorneys

If a slip and fall accident occurs, you’ve no doubt got a lot going through your mind. You may be in pain. You may be feeling angry about the conditions that led to your accident. You might be worrying about what comes next for you and your loved ones. And you’re no doubt going through a lot of confusion, both about what happened and who’s responsible and about how you should handle it. While situations vary when it comes to slip and fall accidents, there are a few things every incident has in common. You can use these commonalities as a guideline for how to proceed. Understanding these steps will… Read More