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What to Avoid When Hiring an Accident Attorney?

Accidents happen every single day. Some of them are preventable, some are not — but if you were a victim of an accident and now deal with a personal injury from it, you should be looking into compensation. The first step in doing so? Hiring an accident or personal injury attorney. But… where to begin? How do you know who to trust, or if you even qualify? These are all common questions victims and their family members wonder about, but it’s time to put these concerns to rest and get started on recovery. Common Types Of Accidents There are several types of accidents that can occur due to someone else’s… Read More

What If I Cause a Pedestrian Accident in Colorado?

Knowing how to get proper representation following an accident is essential to getting your life back on track. If you were the cause of a pedestrian accident in the state of Colorado, you do have options! Understanding the process after an event like this and getting the best help will help to protect you moving forward. The worst thing you can do in these cases is to ignore the problem and hope it goes away — you need to be proactive in finding a solution. Pedestrian Accidents in Colorado Lampert & Walsh have been assisting injury victims for over 35 years right here in Denver. We’ve become very familiar with… Read More

What is Included in Lampert & Walsh’s Privacy Policy?

In a terrifying world where it seems danger lurks at every corner, it’s important you’re kept in the know about everything regarding your privacy. From patient confidentiality to terms of agreement with software or apps, you have sovereignty over what information of yours is shared. Many people don’t even realize how much they legally agree to be allowed. The Importance Of Your Privacy At Lampert & Walsh, your privacy is our main concern. Everything we do both online and face-to-face is designed to preserve your integrity and privacy, while also getting you compensation and justice in the courtroom for wrongful circumstances. How We Protect Your Privacy The Lampert & Walsh… Read More

Do I Need a Malpractice Attorney In Denver?

Being sick is scary. Sometimes, even just going to the doctor for something small can be scary. What is even scarier is when you get worse or suffer from an even more serious ailment. It’s not uncommon to feel as if your trust has been betrayed, especially if your original diagnosis was incorrect or not properly treated. In this case, you’re not held at fault here, and you should pursue legal action to help not only gain compensation for your medical bills after the negligence, but also to prevent this terrible situation from happening to anyone else. Anytime the error of a doctor or other medical professional results in a… Read More

Where can I find the best personal injury attorney in Denver

Finding the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Denver can be what makes or breaks your success on a court case in the event of a wrongful injury. You need someone who understands you, is compassionate towards your injury, but is also well-versed in the law and experienced with personal injury lawsuits. This attorney should be someone you trust entirely to handle your case and represent you in court, because they carry a lot of responsibility to you and their profession to ensure you achieve the compensation you deserve, and have some closure on a traumatic experience in your life. This decision is not one that can be made lightly, and… Read More