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Can I Sue the Military for Wrongful Death?

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Losing a loved one that was in the military is a devastating incident, and it can leave your family lost and defeated. Once you and your relatives receive details of your loved one’s death, you might feel that your family member died due to negligence or another wrongful circumstance. It’s important to know that if you are interested in suing the military for wrongful death, you are technically suing the federal government. This means that you would have to sue them under their permission, as in you would perform any actions under these three laws that will help you settle a lawsuit.

  1. The Federal Tort Claims Act: This law will waive the federal government’s sovereign immunity under specific circumstances. It allows people to collect any damages from the government for injury, property damage or death caused by the negligence of federal employees during their employment.
  2. The Military Personnel and Civilian Employees’ Claims Act: This pays military and civilians up to $40,000 for any loss, damages, or destroying of personal property, as well as any injuries or death.
  3. The Military Claims Act: If there are any plaintiffs filing for military-related claims, they can settle any property loss, personal injuries or wrongful death claims for up to $100,000.

These three federal laws will assist you during your wrongful death claim, and they will help compensate you for any other damages or property loss during this hard time. If you believe that you lost a loved one in the military due to the negligence of another individual or party, you should first talk to a wrongful death attorney. Our Denver wrongful death attorneys will work hard to get justice for you and your family; contact Lampert & Walsh, LLC today.

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