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FAQ of a Denver Accident Lawyer

Accidents and injuries are unplanned and can be incredibly scary. The steps needed after an injury or accident, the time frame you have to file your case, the evidence you need can all feel daunting. That is why professional lawyers exist to tackle personal injury and car accident cases. You have a lot of questions, we have a lot of answers.

What is Considered a Personal Injury?

Personal injury law covers a range of injuries and often involves someone being at fault for your injury. Car accidents, which can be their own cases or fall under personal injury, result in 3 million injuries each year and almost 40,000 fatalities. For truck accidents, it is even more fatal. Construction sites result in 300,000 injuries a year and 1,000 deaths. Medical malpractice kills as many as 98,000 people a year and is among the hardest lawsuits to prove with only 19% of them being decided in favor of the plaintiff. Other personal injuries include slip and fall accidents, dog bites, defamation cases, and mass tort lawsuits.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

Talk to a lawyer. A free case consultation with a Denver accident lawyer will tell you quickly if you have a case that is viable in court and likely to be awarded in your favor. Not all injuries result in viable compensation claims. This is why evidence gathering and talking to an attorney is extremely important to ensure you have a case worth pursuing.

What Steps Do I Take?

First, seek medical attention immediately for any injuries to yourself or others. It’s incredibly important to do this first step to make sure your injuries do not get worse. After you have been cleared by medical professionals, gather evidence of the accident scene through pictures and maintain records of your injuries and medical costs. See if there are any witnesses to the incident and file a police report if on was not already created at the scene of the incident. You can also talk to your insurance company at this time but do not communicate with any other insurance companies representing people who were involved in the accident. Talk to an attorney and provide the information you have gathered to determine if you have a viable case.

What If I’m Partially At Fault?

For accidents, Colorado operates under the comparative fault rule which will reduce the amount of damages you can recover if it is determined you were partially responsible. It’s extremely important to never admit fault, even if you believe it was your fault. There are many factors at play in accidents that you may not be aware of which could absolve you of fault.

How Do I Contact a Lawyer?

You can call us anytime and schedule a consultation or you can fill out our online form to talk to us remotely. We strive to answer all questions and make you feel as comfortable and protected as possible.

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