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How Long Do You Have to Report an Accident in Colorado?

A car accident can come with many different outcomes and repercussions depending on the situation and who is at fault. When a car accident happens, it is common to call the police, but they might not respond to every simple fender bender. Accidents must be reported to police to ensure that you are in compliance with current Colorado state laws. In this article, we will discuss what this means and how long you have to do so.

Car Accident Reporting in Colorado

Police must be notified in the event of an accident, either at the time of the accident or shortly after. If you fail to report an accident, you can find yourself in unexpected legal trouble. Make sure you consider the following.

How Long Do You Have to Report an Accident?

Any time that you are in an accident, the state of Colorado requires you to file an accident report with police within 60 days of the accident. This creates an existing record of the accident, and it is a requirement any time that the police are not called to the scene. Some accidents can be handled without immediate police intervention, though it is considered a best practice to call them. 

What Circumstances Are Considered an Accident?

Any time that a car collision results in any kind of damage, be it to people or property, it is a legal matter. If you are involved in a car accident where someone is injured in any capacity—even if it isn’t severe—a report must be filed. In the event that someone is killed as a result of the accident, a report must be filed. Additionally, any property damage—no matter how small—is also grounds to file a report with police. 

What Happens if I Don’t File a Report?

Failing to file a report following an accident is a legal matter. At the point where you fail to file a report, you will be breaking Colorado state laws, and just like when you break any other law, there are consequences. Not reporting an incident like this is actually a class 2 misdemeanor. Depending on the circumstances, you could find yourself spending up to 90 days in jail and spending several hundred dollars on fines.

The Takeaway

Colorado state laws are in place to protect its residents, and though this might seem like an unnecessary step, it is something that must be done. By filing the accident report with the police, you can ensure that you are in compliance with the law—a truth that might come up later than you would expect following an accident. To ensure that you are meeting these standards and doing things by the book, file your accident report as soon as possible or contact a Denver Car Accident Lawyer

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