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How Much Does an Accident Lawyer Cost?

Going through an accident is never fun, but having a Denver car accident lawyer makes things easier to get through. Disagreements over costs are extremely common, which is why it is best to know exactly what you’re getting into beforehand. When you hire a Denver Car Accident Lawyer you may save yourself grief by having a fee arrangement at the beginning.

Get a Written Agreement

Having a written agreement about fees protects you and your lawyer. This is important because when you get your settlement you will know exactly what is for you to keep. The agreement should address:

  • Costs
  • The expenses of conducting negotiations
  • The personal injury lawsuit

Contingency Fee Agreements

Very common in cases of accident lawyers, a contingency fee agreement means you do not need to come up with the money in advance to pay. In this case, you will pay at the end of your lawsuit. Sometimes it can be too difficult to pay your lawyer on an hourly basis through the entire pursuit of an injury claim. This is why this alternative payment system was creative. The fee percentage is taken from the final settlement.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

Contingency fees mean that the lawyer is taking a risk. It also means that you are not paying anything upfront. In personal injury cases, a lawyer’s fee is usually 33% to 40% of the amount the lawyer gets for the client. Keep in mind that you can always negotiate.

Example of Contingency Fees

Once a contingency fee agreement has been signed with a lawyer, the percentage is calculated after the lawyer has been reimbursed for whatever costs were run up processing your case. This is another important thing to note.

What is “Costs” Legally

In legal parlance, “costs” does not mean fees paid to your accident lawyer. Instead, it means all costs paid by the lawyer to the office. This includes:

  • Injury claims
  • Conducting settlement negotiations
  • Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit

Costs You Agree to in Advance

Many costs in a personal injury case are standard. Typically you will agree to these in the initial written agreement. This is normal, but some expenses that you can avoid are copying and long-distance telephone calls. You cannot avoid court filing fees. Other expenses may not be so crucial but can be expensive, so you should ask for any extra fees.

What to Remember

It is important to remember that hiring a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured in an accident is always an option. Especially if the accident was the other person’s fault, you may have a legal right to recover for your losses. Lawyers can help you push that along, and find the best course of action. Contact us today to learn more about we can help you.

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