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Potential Damages You Can Recover in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a personal injury lawsuit, a lot can be targeted to help you get back what is owed to you. You should not have to suffer without compensation for any part of your recovery after an injury that was not your fault, and so you should take every action possible with a Denver Injury Lawyer to repair the damages that were made to you.

5 Major Damage Points In Personal Injury Lawsuits

For a typical lawsuit that concerns with personal injury cases, your main goal is to get financial compensation for the injury you sustained. However, not everyone realizes how much can be included in that. The damage doesn’t only extend to getting repaid for the injury, but everything related to it.


Any and all medical bills that are related to your injury, from the initial appointment to the medications you need to every follow-up appointment after are included in the case for your compensation. It’s just not the first ER trip you should be getting your money returned for, but the entire medical mess that their neglect put you in.

Lost Wages

If your injury caused you to take time off of work, or have to endure reduced hours, vacation days, or even suspension/termination… that should be included in your lawsuit, as well. Even for injuries that didn’t occur at your place of work, you can find compensation for any affected work life complication.


Sometimes, our belongings are also damaged when we suffer a wrongful injury. This could be a car, expensive electronic devices, your own home property, or anything of value that can be proven to have been damaged in the neglect of someone else.


Therapy bills, like medical bills, should be provided as well. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for the emotional needs of your injury, especially if it gives you a diagnosed condition like PTSD or anxiety. The medications and the time needed to process and recovery from the emotional stress of your injury is just as important than the physical compensation.

Extra Costs

Having to buy anything extra as a result of your wrongful injury should also be presented in your case. This includes, but is not limited to, any medical supplies such as a wheelchair, crutches, or a brace. It should also extend to include any loans you may have needed to cover necessities while you were out of work, additional transportation in the case of damage to your car or bike, or even expensive comfort items to help with healing.

How To Present The Evidence

Make sure you gather all existing proof of the 5 major damage points for your case and provide them to your attorney. They’ll know best what it applicable to your case, and what to present to get the most compensation for your injury. To be on the safe side, save anything you feel is even remotely related to the injury, and do your best to stay organized to help your attorney sort it out quickly.

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