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Top Reasons to Go With a Brain Injury Lawyer

Curious about Brain Injury Lawyers in Denver? Knowing when to hire them, and why, can help you solve some of the biggest problems that come out of malpractice suits, wrongful death or injury claims, and other forms of legal action against negligence that resulted in brain injury.

When To Hire A Brain Injury Attorney

Whenever you or someone you love is wrongfully harmed and it results in brain injury, you should be pursuing legal action and hiring a lawyer. This should be an early call you make, and it’s important to fully trust the lawyer you decide to hire.

Common causes of brain injury that are almost always suitable to file a claim for compensation with the courts include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Sports accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Violent assaults

At Lampert & Walsh, we have attorneys who have handled brain injury cases in the past, as well as several other forms of wrongful injury or death. We’re compassionate, quick, and understanding and prefer to put our clients and their needs first.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After Brain Injury

There are three main reasons people choose to hire an attorney to handle their TBI (traumatic brain injury) claim. Allowing a skilled and professional lawyer to take care of this for you is the easier, quickest, and most successful way of finding a solution.

1. Get Compensation

The main goal when you or a loved one suffers a brain injury due to someone else’s fault and negligence, such as an accident or malpractice instance, it’s natural to be angry. It’s also natural to pursue financial compensation by suing the offending party that caused or allowed, this terrible experience to occur. Hiring a lawyer to represent you, as well as compile a case and know the law well enough to win, is essential for getting that compensation you deserve.

2. Lower Your Stress

Dealing with so much on your plate can be a fast pass to burn-out. Juggling care, safety, work, potential financial loss, possible funeral arrangements, and more can be enough to drive someone crazy. It’s very important that you and everyone involved with this brain injury find adequate support during this trying time… including allowing your lawyer to handle the legal side of things. Having an attorney to ask questions and get valuable answers can be a major source of stress relief.

3. Support & Assistance

Anytime you try and navigate a legal scene without proper education and experience, you’re going to feel confused, overwhelmed, and discouraged. When you’re battling a brain injury or are taking care of a family member who is doing so, this is the last thing you’ll feel confident or capable of doing. Allowing an attorney to walk you through each step and provide their expert help for each part of this process will not only help you and your family recover quickly, it will eliminate the possibility for errors made during your claim. 

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