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What to do After A Collision With A Drunk Driver

According to the CDC, 29 people day within a 24-hour time period thanks to the result of a crash with drunk drivers. With over 11 million arrests for intoxicated driving annually, it’s a number that is sadly understandable. As such a serious epidemic as drunk driving is, you’re put at risk every time you use your car out on the roads, and it’s important to educate yourself on the steps needed for if you’re one of many involved in a crash like this.

Call 911

The first step that should be taken in any event of a crash is by calling 911 to get both law enforcement and medical attention headed your way quickly. This is especially true in the case of a suspected drunk driver, since their reaction to a crash could be unpredictable. If the driver seems agitated, angry, or at risk of fleeing the sign, it’s best to stay in your car until help arrives and try to gather evidence from the safety of your vehicle, if possible.

Take Pictures & Record Information

Immediately following the crash, if you’re in good enough physical and mental condition to do so, it’s priority to get as much information as you can quickly. This includes pictures of the license plate on the other car, the damage done to your vehicle, and if possible, pictures of the driver who caused the crash. In some cases, the driver may attempt to flee the scene, so getting this documentation quickly is essential to the success of your DUI crash lawsuit.

Get Medical Help

As soon as you can following the crash and gathering evidence and contacting the police, seek medical attention. The stress of the accident could be making you unaware of injuries, and it’s always important to have hospital visits and records to back up the severity of the crash during the following lawsuit. You and everyone else in the car should at least get a check-up, and possibly talk to a psychiatrist as well if you feel traumatized by the experience.

Find An Attorney

Getting a Denver DUI Attorney to process your case and file for DUI lawsuit settlements will be your saving grace throughout the whole ordeal. They can take all of your records and create a case against the drunk driver and hold up this case in court to get you the compensation you deserve for all damages, including materialistic and physical. DUI attorneys with experience in this field are hard to beat.

Save & Organize All Related Documents

In all of the days leading up to your final court hearing related to the drunk driving crash, you should be saving anything related to the incident. This includes, but isn’t limited to, insurance statements, medical bills, receipts for replaced items, loss of wages from injury, or transportation fees you’ve had to pay due to a loss in your vehicle. Even if it doesn’t seem directly related to the crash, you should still save it and file it appropriately for your attorney to decide how to integrate the information into the case.

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