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Will a Car Accident Attorney Settle My Case?

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When it comes to car accident lawsuits, most cases do reach a settlement before trial. In fact, one study showed that nearly 95 percent of personal injury lawyers settled their car accident cases. There are several reasons why your Denver car accident attorney can easily settle before your case goes to trial. Find out more here.

Trials are Unpredictable

Between the defendant and plaintiff, plus their attorneys and insurers, a lot goes into a trial. This process can be extremely confusing and bring unexpected results. The benefit of settling before the trial proceeds is beneficial to all parties. There’s a level of clarity and relief if both parties can settle and move on. Agreeing on a settlement amount up front forgoes the need for a trial and the potential for even more financial loss.

Settling Requires Less Work for Insurers

It’s in the insurer’s best interest to settle early and resolve the claim as quickly as possible. This is because an insurance company’s goal is to pay out as little as possible. They may try to get a statement from you, as well. Never admit fault when speaking to an insurance adjuster. Always speak to your attorney first so that the insurer doesn’t have fodder to bring up later in court. Additionally, don’t agree to an unfair settlement amount from the insurer. A Denver car accident attorney can help get you fair compensation for your losses.

Both Sides Save Money

Cases often settle before trial because of litigation costs. Cases can go on for years. This leaves both sides spending much more money than originally planned. Cases that don’t settle right away require much more time and energy, as well. You and the other party’s attorneys will need to produce documentation and find witnesses. Settling early ensures that these extra fees and steps are skipped.

Everyone Wants Closure

Overall, it’s very likely that your car accident attorney will settle your case. When it comes to car accidents, everyone involved wants closure. Deciding on a settlement amount right away is in the best interest for all parties involved. This includes the plaintiff, defendant, insurers, and attorneys. Most attorneys are juggling several cases at once and will actively seek settlement before trial. Insurers want to close out claim files quickly without overpaying. Neither plaintiffs or defendants want a trial that goes on for years. The most efficient way of moving forward is with an appropriate settlement agreement that both parties agree on.

Contact Denver Car Accident Attorney

Taking the proper steps after a car accident claim is crucial. Serious car accidents often cause financial burdens due to personal injury. If you are looking for financial compensation due to a car accident, it’s essential to work with the right attorney. Lampert & Walsh have over 15 years of experience in settling car accident cases.

Our professional personal injury attorneys can help achieve a settlement amount quickly. We’ve helped countless accident victims successfully navigate their civil litigation cases. Contact our office to get your settlement case started today.

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