Brian was great to have represent me. Not only was he professional and understanding of my needs, but he always stood up for doing the right thing. He was able to give all options available for me to make things right and let me utilmately decide. I would highly recommend having Brian Lampert represent you. Great guy as well!!!!

- James

Mr. Walsh is an amazing Attorney, his professionalism is outstanding to your personal detail. He went above and beyond to make me feel secure in my situation. His entire office staff makes you feel welcomed. You can’t go wrong with this team behind you! Lampert @ Walsh will fight for you!

- Beverly Lutter

Brian handled my car accident case quickly and thoroughly! My husband and I had been with another firm waiting for over 4 years for a conclusion to our case with no end in sight. I switched to Brian Lampert in February, and he had the case wrapped up in about ONE MONTH. He is a formidable opponent, you will be glad he is on your side!!! If you want powerful representation and speedy justice – Brian Lampert.

- Whitney

Sean Walsh provided legal service for my mom after she was in a car accident. She was a little nervous about seeking legal counsel because the entire process can be intimidating, however Sean was personable, supportive and made the process seamless. She felt comfort knowing it was being taken care of and supported every step of the way.

- Felicia Zeeh

Sean Walsh is an excellent legal professional who can help navigate all of the complexities of your case. He shows great pride in getting fair and equitable settlements for his clients best interest and well-being. I highly recommend Sean and the Lampert and Walsh team.

- Shawn Williams

Without any doubt, Rich Casey at Lampert & Walsh is hand down the most effective and honest lawyer I have had the pleasure to work with. Rich was there every step of my case and never left me with questions or confusion. Speaking with Rich for just a few minutes, it’s obvious he’s very passionate about his work and truly cares about his clients. After working with him, it’s obvious that passion translates to real results. Thanks Rich!.

- Jacob Forsythe

Appreciated the willingness Sean had to work on a case that was difficult. He negotiated a settlement that was 3 times more than the original offer. Saved me a lot of hours of hassle and I was grateful for the guidance through a complicated process. He also found money my insurance company failed to inform me about. I recommend Sean and his team for anyone who needs help fighting insurance companies.

- Phil Jensen

I am a young processional but never have had any prior dealing with the legal profession for any reason. When I was involved in a serious auto accident last year one call to Brian Lampert’s law firm took care of all my concerns. Lampert & Walsh is a small firm where I had direct contact with the lawyers and did not have to deal with any intermediaries or assistants. Not only did I receive excellent legal respresentation and a fair settlement but the firm also helped me find physicians who treated my injurines. I would strongly recommend Brian Lampert and Lampert & Walsh for any injury or accident case you have!

- Megan

I was impressed with the personal care I recevied from the ENTIRE staff. I was under a lot of stress after my car accident. Brian and his team tool immediate action after I called. Everything I needed was handled fast and efficiently. I was able to worry about my family , not the accident. Thank you Brian and staff!! I would recommend this entire team to anyone seeking legal advice or an attorney.

- Kristy

Wow! Sean Walsh was able to get me policy limits for my case without me ever having to step foot in a courtroom!
I first heard of Lampert & Walsh while I was being adjusted by my chiropractor Dr. Mike Beggs. I was telling Dr. Mike about my lawyer that was screwing up my file, so he referred me to Sean at Lampert & Walsh. After another lawyer kept losing my file and me having to start all over every time I spoke with her, I decided I had enough and after speaking with Sean, he quickly made me feel comfortable about hiring him and firing my other lawyer. Sean and his team are always there to help, whenever I had questions they had the answers. Sean and his team kept me in the loop and came through for me and my family. Some cases drag out because the insurance companies try to delay in paying what they owe, be patient and let Lampert & Walsh work to get you paid. They did it for me and my family and they can do it for you.

- Alex Cairo

This was my first time working with a lawyer and Sean Walsh couldn’t of made it easier! He was patient and helpful even without someone like me who doesn’t know the ins and outs of legal battles. He also helped me get extra money on top of my settlement, all around a very professional and reliable company. I will definitely be using their services in the future!

- Mikah S

Mr. Lampert is a very thorough and professional attorney.  He successfully won a complicated medial malpractice suit on my behalf.  His compassion for me and my family was the strength of the case.  He is the one you want in your corner taking the punches not you.  He delivered a knockout.

- Hank

My husband and I were involved in a hit and run accident 7 days before the shutdown in March 2020. Kendra and her team at Lampert & Walsh were there to support us when we couldn’t get treatments, and once everything opened back up, were very fast in getting everything settled with a minimum of fuss, even when we were in SC settling my father’s estate. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thank you Kendra!!!

- Becky Fraser

Working with Lampert and Walsh was one of the easiest things. They got everything done quickly and professionally. They had great communication and were so responsive. It was my first accident that I needed an attorney for and they made it a great experience.

- Lenore Christensen

I can’t say enough about Rich Casey with Lampert & Walsh. Rich was dedicated and extremely professional throughout the entire process. My case was a small one, but Rich made me feel like I was one of his biggest clients! He was a pleasure to work with, and he really cares about his clients! Thanks Rich for doing such an amazing job on my case!!

- Tim Bohac

Attorney Sean Walsh is a skilled and effective trial attorney who works tirelessly in advocating for his clients. He will stand up to the insurance companies to make sure you are treated fairly and get the best possible results. If you have been in an accident, I would highly recommend that you contact Sean.

- Gayle Moser

Rich Casey was my lawyer and was super understanding and responsive. He gave great advice and worked to get me a reasonable settlement. I would refer anyone needed to talk to a Personal Injury lawyer to speak to him and his team! Explain what you are going through and they are able to give you the best tips possible and advice. Thank you tons!

- Christine Robichaud

Rich Casey was my attorney for a car accident injury that felt like it was impossible to get thru in any timely fashion (almost 3 years from when I was hit in a parking lot), but even more impossible to win. I had prior accidents with injuries, the man who backed into my car was nowhere to be found halfway thru the case, my first attorney (one of the tv lawyers) dropped my case & made it seem impossible to get to the point of a settlement & difficult to find a lawyer who was willing to even try to fight for me, then add in my own doctors not able to say if all of my life changing injuries were even caused by the accident & Rich still took my case & fought for me the entire time!

He always had my back, kept in touch & was supportive when I would be full of doubt if it was ever going to come out positively, what I respect the most was his straightforwardness. I never had to question if I was being fed lies & bulls*@! Unlike with my first attorney who gave up die to the return not being large enough for him. Rich was focused on the return for me not for himself!

In the end the settlement was a miracle in my opinion to have even been won & literally Rich fought for me up until just weeks before the trial date & got a settlement that the insurance companies did not want to even settle for. I can’t thank Rich & the team of Lampert & Walsh enough for their help. Thanks for being of such great character guys! Truly grateful you were on my side!

- Kaleena F

This is a first class law firm. I am a chiropractor and work with many people involved in personal injuries and auto accidents. This law firm takes the time to get to know their clients and has all the knowledge to represent their client’s best interests. If I was ever in an accident, they would be the first people I’d call. Our clinic has sent several injured patients over to Lampert and Walsh and every single one of them loved their experience. They are dedicated, hard-working, and will do everything in their power to get their clients paid. We’ve worked primarily with Rich Casey who is a tremendous attorney. He’s knowledgeable, compassionate, and gets the job done. Couldn’t recommend this firm enough!

- Graham Reinhardt

Brian is the most caring and talented attorney I’ve ever met! He went above and beyond in every way possible and got us speedy justice! I Highly recommend them!!

- Netty Ludwig

You won’t find a better set of attorneys in Denver that put the client first. I have witnessed some amazing verdicts in cases that many other attorneys would be scared to take on. If you are injured there is no better place to look than Sean Walsh and his team!!

- Connor Beer

Sean is amazing! I felt like he actually cared about me as a person as opposed to wanting money from me to be honest. He spent a long time helping me and couldn’t appreciate it more!

- KJ Mason

I believed I was the only client they had. Over the last three years Rich and the team of Lambert and Walsh were the most amazing guides. During the confusing, and some days frustrating experience of massive injuries from an auto accident. From how to navigate medical bills, offers and counter offers, to the final mediation this is the team I want on my side. Thank you Rich, Vicky and the team!!!

- R. J. Miller

I Referred Sean Walsh to my sister, He contacted her within the hour, he was very professional and informative. I would highly recommend for your personal injury problems!

- Mitch Guerrieri

Brian and his team worked very hard to get my family and I a fair resolution on our case. I would highly recommend this firm

- Lora Torres

Rich Casey is very responsive and helpful with getting us informed about a medical issue. I highly recommend him.

- Charles Pierce

I highly recommend Sean! He is extremely helpful and will do everything in his power to get you a fair settlement.

- Dee Baumgartner

Wonderful warm and caring people

- Ilona Maxwell