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Substantial Verdicts

Note: Plaintiff names have been redacted to insure our client’s confidentiality

Case No: 10-CV-6631
Denver District Court, August 2011

FL v. Protective Insurance Company

Plaintiff FL was driving an 18 wheeler semi-truck for his employer Federal Express when he was struck in the side of the truck by another motor vehicle. After settling his claim against the underinsured motorist for policy limits, Plaintiff made a claim against his the insurance of Federal Express (Protective Insurance Company) after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Plaintiff was unable to work and complained of dizziness, cognitive dysfunction, memory problems, severe headaches, neck pain and visual problems. Protective Insurance denied the severity of the Plaintiff’s complaint and made a low offer to settle the claim. After a week-long trial, the jury returned a verdict of $1,449,229.00 in favor of Plaintiff.

Case No: 09-CV-268
Eagle County District Court, February 2011

BH v. Joseph Ciri

Plaintiff BH was involved in a motor vehicle accident with Mr. Ciri in California. Mr. Ciri had made an illegal U-turn and struck Plaintiff in the side of her vehicle. Plaintiff contended eye damage, neck problems, and impairment for her ability to compete competitively with her horses. Plaintiff had earlier hired a different counsel who declined to take her case to trial. Plaintiff retained Lampert & Walsh, LLC to represent her just months prior to her trial date. Defendant denied the extent of the damages claimed by the Plaintiff and case proceeded to trial. After a 4 day trial in Eagle County, the jury returned a verdict for Plaintiff in the amount of $88,012.99.

Case No: 02-CV-625
Pueblo County District Court, September 2004

JM v. Isabel Pacheco

Plaintiff JM was involved in a low speed motor vehicle accident when she was rear-ended from behind by Defendant. Plaintiff complained of soft tissues injuries to include neck pain and back pain. Defendant denied the extent of the injuries and felt the treatment received by the Plaintiff was unreasonable and unnecessary. Defendant also denied that Plaintiff had any physical impairment associated with her injuries. The case was tried in Pueblo county and the jury returned a verdict for the Plaintiff in excess of $80,000.00.

Substantial Settlements

Note: Plaintiff names have been redacted to insure our client’s confidentiality

Client HT, Settled case February 2012

Plaintiff brought a medical malpractice action against a doctor and his office for failure to timely diagnose Plaintiff’s cancer. This error was not revealed to Plaintiff until 6 years later when he returned to the same clinic with continued complaints. Plaintiff settled with the clinic for a confidential amount.

Client MH, Settled case July 2011

Plaintiff brought a bad faith insurance claim against American Family Insurance when the company failed to pay for his medical benefits he had obtained via an earlier contract. Plaintiff was substantially injured in a motor vehicle accident and American Family denied and unreasonably delayed in payment medical benefit to client, which had an adverse affect on Plaintiff’s medical condition. Plaintiff settled for $83,000.00 with American Family.

Client MH, Settled case September 2010

Plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2006 when he was rear-ended by two different vehicles and felt two substantial impacts. Plaintiff sustained substantial neck and back pain which required fusions and future surgery. Plaintiff settled his claim for $315,000.00 with the two Defendants.

Client BM, Settled case August 2010

Plaintiff was being treated at a hospital for an altered mental state and increase blood sugar level. The attending nurses failed to secure Plaintiff in his bed and Plaintiff ended up falling violently to the floor and sustained a subdural hematoma. Hospital originally denied negligence and later settled Plaintiff’s case for $340,000.00.

Client BA, Settled case November 2009

Plaintiff was a child care manager traveling through the intersection of DTC Parkway and I-225 when a Hunt Electric vehicle ran a red light and slammed into the side of her vehicle. Plaintiff complained of neck and back pain and went through multiple injections into her neck and back. Case was resolved for $212,500.00 with the Defendant in mediation.

Client ND, Settled case April 2007

Plaintiff was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on I-25 involving a semi-truck
that lost control and crushed Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff underwent surgery and complained on neck and back pain. The trucking company admitted liability and settled for $400,000.00.

Client BF, Settled case August 2005

Plaintiff was driving on Hampden Avenue when a drunk driver crossed over a double yellow line and hit Plaintiff in a head on collision. Plaintiff BF sustained substantial injuries to his neck and back and required a spinal fusion. After settling with the drunk driver’s insurance company for policy limits, Plaintiff settled his case under his underinsured motor benefits for $475,000.00.

* Please note, these are just a sampling of the verdicts obtained by Lampert & Walsh, LLC. Prior successful verdicts and settlements are in no way an indication or promise of future performance on any individual case. Each case has its own merits and limitations. Lampert & Walsh, LLC cannot guarantee similar values to any particular case.

JC v. Rieb,  October 2021

JS was involved in a motor vehicle accident when she was 36 weeks pregnant.  JC went into premature labor and systained $60,000 in medical bills.  Defendant offered to settle for $74,000.  Verdict for Plaintiff resulted in $148,500 plus interest and costs.

JF v. Richardson,  June 2000

Plaintiff was assulted when a gun was put in her face.  Plaintiff verdict returned against Defendant.