Denver Scooter Accident Lawyer

In the last couple of years people have relied on scooters more and more to get them around town.  Perhaps they must cover a long distance that makes walking not feasible or they just enjoy the ride on the streets of Colorado.  We all love activity, but when this activity becomes dangerous, that’s when we may need a Denver scooter accident lawyer to protect our safety and represent our best interests. Learn more about scooter law below.

There are three main reasons someone may become injured as a result of the use of a scooter.

Contributory Negligence

You are attempting to ride a scooter or accidently find yourself in an accident.  If this is a case of “no one to blame but yourself”, you may not have a case that is actionable.  This is often referred to as contributory negligence. If you happen to hit something on the street or sidewalk then you may or may not have a claim.  This all depends on whether a landowner may or may not have known of the dangerous condition that existed. Contact Lampert & Walsh, LLC if you need to determine if an action is possible.

Pedestrian Scooter Accident

You have been injured as a pedestrian when a person on a scooter has struck and injured you. Whether driving a vehicle or a scooter, the same laws exist.  A scooter driver may be intoxicated, unfamiliar with the scooter or simply not paying attention. Regardless, due to their negligence, you have been struck and need legal help.  This is the time to seek medical treatment and legal help immediately.

Vehicle Driver Error

You are on a scooter and a driver fails to pay attention to you on the street or in the intersection.  As above, there are a lot of injuries that occur due to driver error.  If a driver isn’t paying attention, drunk or simply distracted to a pedestrian or a person on a scooter, the injuries can be prolific.  You likely will need a great deal of medical treatment and the right law firm to protect your interests.


What Do I Do If You’re Injured:

  • Document Everything – Get the name, number, insurance information, license plate, physical description and any other identifying characteristics of the scene and person who hit you.
  • Call the Police – A written record of the event is worth everything.  You likely want to call a witness to the scene as well to help remember all the events.
  • Take pictures – This is evidence of the crash.  Get photos of the scene, injuries, parties, and anything accident related.
  • Go to the Doctor – If you are injured, seek emergency treatment right away.  This also helps document your injuries at the scene.
  • Call Lampert & Walsh, LLC – Let us help you get your claim together today.  We can preserve evidence and help our clients get the medical advice and legal solutions they seek. Don’t fall victim for not knowing scooter laws in Denver. Call us today at 720-487-1080 as our consultations are free!