Accident Tips From Our Colorado Accident Attorneys

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Defensive Driving – Always be prepared for worst case scenario. Individuals may not be paying attention, are in a hurry or maybe are just bad drivers. The best way to prevent an accident is to try and avoid one from the start.

Have a Camera in your Car – If you are involved in the accident, you will want to document the damage to your vehicle and/or injuries to yourself. The best way to achieve both is to have a disposable camera on hand, just in case.

Have High UM/UIM coverage – Your own insurance company offers UM/UIM coverage which is standard in every policy. This stands for Uninsured Motorist and Under Insured Motorist coverage. Often times the Defendant will have a minimal policy of only $25,000.00 which is tragic if your injuries are severe. The only way to protect yourself in the event this happens, is to have a high UM/UIM policy. We recommend having at least $100,000.00 of UM/UIM coverage, if you can get higher coverage than that, DO IT. It’s not as much as you may think.


Call the police – It is very important that the police create an accident report so you can document who was at fault and what happened during the accident.

Get Medical Attention Immediately – If you are injured or feeling achy, get evaluated at a hospital. Trained medical professionals are there to make sure your injuries don’t get worse.

If you have a camera, use it – Even if you just have a cell phone, take pictures to document the damage to both vehicles.

Call your insurance company – Tell them you’ve had an accident, they are your representative, use them.

DO NOT talk to the other driver’s insurance company – These adjusters are trying to limit what they owe an injured party. These people are not on your side and should not be trusted without an attorney present to preserve your rights.

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