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Kaleena F

Rich Casey was my attorney for a car accident injury that felt like it was impossible to get thru in any timely fashion (almost 3 years from when I was hit in a parking lot), but even more impossible to win. I had prior accidents with injuries, the man who backed into my car was nowhere to be found halfway thru the case, my first attorney (one of the tv lawyers) dropped my case & made it seem impossible to get to the point of a settlement & difficult to find a lawyer who was willing to even try to fight for me, then add in my own doctors not able to say if all of my life changing injuries were even caused by the accident & Rich still took my case & fought for me the entire time!

He always had my back, kept in touch & was supportive when I would be full of doubt if it was ever going to come out positively, what I respect the most was his straightforwardness. I never had to question if I was being fed lies & bulls*@! Unlike with my first attorney who gave up die to the return not being large enough for him. Rich was focused on the return for me not for himself!

In the end the settlement was a miracle in my opinion to have even been won & literally Rich fought for me up until just weeks before the trial date & got a settlement that the insurance companies did not want to even settle for. I can’t thank Rich & the team of Lampert & Walsh enough for their help. Thanks for being of such great character guys! Truly grateful you were on my side!

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