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Boating Accidents Happen More Frequently During the Summer

With the weather heating up, many people are relaxing in nature at local lakes, ponds, and creeks. Summer is the perfect time for bringing your boat out onto the water. But what many people don’t know is that boating accidents are more common than they would think. The United States Coast Guard reported over 4,000 boating related accidents occured in 2015. And with the number growing, the US Coast Guard is teaming up with Operation Dry Water, an organization that promotes drinking and boating safety, to help protect people during boating accidents. Many wildlife organizations across the country are pledging to help keep swimmers and boaters safe during the summer months.

Common Boating Accidents

There are different types of boating accidents during the summer. Common types include:

  • Hitting another boat
  • Hitting another boat’s wake
  • Slip and fall injuries while on the boat
  • Capsizing
  • Bow riding- riding on the back of the boat

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

It’s important to practice boating safety when you are on or near a boating vessel. The common boating accidents are usually due to one of the following:


  • Reckless driving. Excessive speed, splashing other boats, and reckless behavior with other watercrafts are ways to increase the chances of a boating accident.
  • Hazardous waters. Many boats can capsize or hit a high wave and cause the occupants of a boat to slip, fall, and be injured. Waterways congested with other boaters could cause you to hit their wakes as you travel behind them. This is especially hazardous during major holidays when there are many boaters out and about.
  • Alcohol. Many people consume alcohol while on recreational watercrafts. If you’re operating a boat, it’s the same as with a motor vehicle, drinking and operating a boat is considered very dangerous to you, your passengers, and any swimmers nearby.


Questions About Boating Accidents?

If you’ve been in a boating accident and want to know who would be liable, you may want to call an experienced lawyer to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. The trusted Denver boating accident lawyers at Lampert & Walsh, LLC have been successfully fighting for the rights of injury victims and their families in Colorado for decades. Call us today to set up a consultation to discuss your situation.

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