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Can a DUI Attorney Help Me?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never a safe, nor respectful thing to do. However, if you make a bad decision and do drive under the influence, you can only hope you do not hurt anyone, nor get caught. Oftentimes, it is quite easy to see if someone is under the influence while driving, and many people receive DUIs.

So, what do you do in this situation? The first step is to call a Denver DUI Attorney. Not only will an attorney know the laws, but they will most likely be able to get your sentence reduced as well.  Especially if the matter ends up going to court, you must have a lawyer on your side who best represents your interests.

Your Lawyer Will Compile Evidence

DUI cases are similar to all other cases, in that they require evidence to prove your innocence. This situation can be very stressful, and you most likely will not truly understand all of the evidence, and how to compile it in your favor. Your lawyer will spend the time to gather all of the necessary evidence that will prove your case.  Sometimes your lawyer may be able to prove that the arresting officer made a mistake, the field sobriety test was done incorrectly, or another method of proving your innocence.

An Attorney Will Argue on Your Behalf

Your DUI lawyer will have one goal: to get the best result of your case. Although most people would hope this involves having the case thrown out completely, sometimes it will only go as far as having your charges reduced so that this mistake does not impact your future.

Your attorney will know how to properly litigate and negotiate for you. They will be able to speak in court, present your case in the most professional way possible, and avoid extreme financial burdens or jail time.

When Do I Need To Hire a Lawyer?

There are a few moments during a DUI case when you definitely will need to find representation for your case:

Further Charges

If you have been in an accident due to driving under the influence, caused death, or injury of a third party, then you will need a lawyer. Your lawyer will help you to fight further charges and avoid being charged as a felony.

Legal representation can also help you to feel supported during the case, and explain any of the situations of the case to you. Your lawyer may also hire expert witnesses or a private investigator to aid in your case.

If You Go To Trial With a Jury

Not every DUI case goes to trial with a jury. Sometimes, your case may only involve a judge, but if it involves a jury, you need a lawyer advocating on your behalf. If it is obvious you did drive under the influence, then your lawyer may help you get a plea bargain. Having a lawyer can decrease the chances of a worse conviction. Having a lawyer can actually often prevent you from being convicted at all if you agree to a plea bargain.

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