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Exploring Your Options in a Wrongful Death Case

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Losing a loved family member is always a very hard experience, especially if you have had to suffer due to someone else’s negligence. If this is your life right now, a lawsuit is the last thing you want to worry about, but it’s important you get what is owed to you. Understanding a wrongful death lawsuit and knowing what options you have for compensation can help you move on from this painful chapter.

How Wrongful Death Cases Work

When someone’s behavior, or lack of appropriate action, causes someone’s death and the responsibility they have can be proven, you have ample grounds for a wrongful death case. A few good examples of where the blame falls in common wrongful death cases include:

  • Medical mistakes (such as infections caught in a hospital or a surgeon’s error)
  • Automobile accidents
  • Neglect at nursing homes
  • Defective safety precautions or equipment

In all of these circumstances, the death of your loved one could have been prevented or was not foreseeable, and a specific person or company can be proven as the cause of this death.

The Damages In A Wrongful Death Case

You can get back more in compensation than just the repayment for medical bills or lost income. It is possible to get non-economic damages compensated. This means you can get some form of repayment for your pain and suffering, not only the time you took to handle this loss.

Knowing exactly what can be filed for in a wrongful death case is a tricky subject, and many people miss out on getting back what they truly deserve because of a lack of understanding or oversight. Though your attorney will know for sure what you can try to claim as damages, you can refer to this list to get a good idea of what to expect as you compile your case:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost income
  • Damages to property related to the wrongful death
  • Medical costs, from the point of injury to the time of death and after
  • Value of the loss of companionship (your emotional labor)
  • Value of the loss of provision the deceased contributed to the home or family

Of course, no monetary loss can make up for the absence of your loved one, but you can a satisfying sense of justice that you were compensated for the financial parts of this accident, and get a little bit of retribution in the process.

Every state handles the applicable damages differently. There may be a monetary limit to the amount of compensation you can receive for certain damages, especially non-economic claims. Most claims will need to have proof or testimonials to confirm their accuracy.

How To Get Compensation

A Denver Wrongful Death lawyer will be able to assess your case, analyze the potential damages on your claim, and guide you through your individual options and likelihood for success in winning the case. Unfortunately, these cases are a bit tricky, so it’s important to hire an expert attorney to handle this legal aspect for you and allow yourself the time you need to mourn and move on.

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