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Ford’s Latest Idea Could Help Detect Driver Fatigue

Ford may be the first automotive company to create a wearable device that can sense driver fatigue. The Ford Safe Cap comes with built-in sensors that can detect the head-nodding movements of a truck driver that may be falling asleep behind the wheel. Since truckers have a stressful, demanding job driving thousands of miles with little movement for hours at a time, it’s no wonder truckers are struggling to stay alert while on the job. This innovative technology could be a huge step forward for the trucking industry in minimizing fatigue related trucking accidents on major roads.

The Ford Safe Cap also has built-in sensors in the lining that measure the head movements of truckers while they are driving. Programmed to differentiate between the normal jostling of the truck cabin with the fatigued nodding of a sleeping driver; Safe Cap is also designed to vibrate and flash lights whenever it detects the driver is falling asleep. Further, the cap does not rely on smartphone technology to run. Ford made sure that all programming was built into the cap to make it compact and easy to handle while driving. The cap has gone through extensive field testing with multiple truckers and thousands of miles of travel, boosting Ford’s confidence in their product with each successful run.

Driver fatigue can pose a major risk on our highways. Outside of truckers working long hours and suffering from sleep deprivation, regular drivers can also fall asleep behind the wheel and cause major accidents. If you’ve been in a car wreck due to driver fatigue, don’t hesitate, call the accident lawyers at Lampert & Walsh. Our law firm is ready to look over your case in a no-obligation free attorney consultation to help you determine the best course moving forward.

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