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Is Texting and Driving Illegal in Colorado?

Per The Denver Post, earlier this year, the laws making texting and driving illegal in Colorado were changed. According to the report in the Post, the law changes will increase the fine for texting while driving from $50 to $300 and also increase the points that a violation will add to a driver’s record from one to four.

Does This Law Change Actually Makes It Easier to Text and Drive in Colorado?

However, while those increases seem to make it look like the state is cracking down harder on drivers who text while behind the wheel, the exact opposite is actually true. Under the new law, instead of texting and driving being illegal, it is simply illegal to text while driving carelessly. This means that you can, unfortunately, text and drive as long as it does not appear that you are driving carelessly while doing so. Is this a good idea? With the number of distracted driving accidents seemingly on the rise, allowing drivers more leeway to text while operating a motor vehicle would seem like a step in the wrong direction.

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