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Three Common Prescription Drug Errors That Could Cause Severe Injuries

Prescription errors happen more often than we imagine. These errors have also been the cause of serious injury or death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 700,000 people are admitted to the ER every year due to prescription drug complications. There are three types of pharmaceutical errors you should protect against to avoid serious injury.

Prescription Errors: Doctors may become confused if they are faced with an incomplete medical history or inaccurate records. This could cause the doctor to prescribe the wrong medication or wrong dose. You could end up developing additional issues as a result of a wrong medication or overdose due to the wrong dosage.

Dispensing Errors: Many pharmacists can become fatigued and lose focus due to spending long work hours on their feet. As a result, you could end up receiving the wrong medication or suffer from harmful side effects due to dangerous drug interactions your pharmacists may have failed to warn you about.

Administrative Errors: In hospitals, nurses can make mistakes by dispensing the wrong medication or too much of the correct medication. It is important that even at the hospital you take as much of an active part in your medical care as possible. Make sure to ask whether you are receiving brand or generic medication. Ask about any side effects that the medication could cause and also if the medication interacts with any other medications you might be taking.

Prescription drug lawsuits can be very complicated as it can be hard to determine what exactly is responsible for your injury. For example, it can be hard to say that your injury was caused by a medication complication and not a complication that developed from your injury. In addition, complications caused by the wrong medication may not show up until months later.

If you’re worried about these complications, get in contact with personal injury lawyer. The attorneys at Lampert & Walsh can review your evidence and discuss your legal options regarding your prescription drug error lawsuit.

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