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Types of Claims Personal Injury Lawyers Take on?


The world of personal injury is wide and varied. Many events fall under the classification of personal injury law and some of personal injury can fall under other law jurisdictions. Part of it depends on the elements that led to the injury and what suit your attorney believes you have the best chance of winning in court. There are also very specific types of personal injury that may require a lawyer specific in that type of law. For example, negligence can require its own laws and own attorneys as well as car accident lawyers, specific automobile injuries, and even specific brain injury attorneys. How do you know what’s right for you? We’ll briefly touch on a few types of personal injury, but we always suggest speaking with a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer before making any decisions.

Slip & Fall

This is the most common type of personal injury. It results, as the name suggests, from when a plaintiff suffers an injury from a fall that could have been avoided. Slip & falls require you to do a few things such as prove fault on the property owner, prove negligence on the hazard, and prove the hazard was present. A lawyer can help you do this and work through it with you. They can also make sure you’re meeting the legal deadlines needed to file.

Dog Bites

Being attacked by a dog can be incredibly scary and very emotional if you’re familiar with the dog and its owners. In Colorado, dog owners have strict liability in dog bite cases, even if the dog has had repeated or known tendencies. You can collect on physical damage but not on non-physical damages (ie “pain and suffering”). However, there are some instances where the owner is not liable, such as: the victim being unlawfully on private or public property, when a warning sign was visibly posted, the dog in question is a military or police dog on duty, and other instances. This is where an attorney can help.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a car accident, you need a good attorney and you need to take concrete steps to avoid costly mistakes. After an accident, you should never admit guilt, even if it’s obvious you caused the accident. You should document damages, wait for the police, and hire an attorney immediately after leaving the scene. There can be complications with state laws or insurance, timetables, and even complications with the type of vehicle or if a pedestrian is involved.

There are many more personal injury cases including wrongful death, malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and more. If you suspect you’re the victim of an injury that may be liable under personal injury law, don’t wait to talk to a lawyer about your options and start getting the legal help you need immediately. Law is complicated but your pursuit of justice doesn’t have to be. Talk to a Colorado attorney experienced in personal injury law and get started on your path to justice today.

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