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What Evidence Do You Need in a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

The type of evidence that will give you a solid motorcycle accident case is documentation of the accident and your injuries. Documentation includes photos, videos, witness statements, medical bills, medical records, and police reports. 

The Reason for Good Evidence for Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you must prove fault to receive compensation. The other motorist and their insurance company won’t be willing to pay a liability claim. Therefore, you’ll need good evidence to substantiate your claim of negligence by the other motorist. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Driving drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Driving and texting
  • Reckless driving
  • Changing lanes abruptly

It’s a good idea to keep a record of everything that occurs after the motorcycle accident. You should detail trips to the hospital, post-accident medical treatments, any prescription meds, any phone calls about the accident, any mailings or faxes, transportation, and any medical equipment (canes, neck braces, or crutches).

Be sure to show your journal to your lawyer so you can get proper compensation for any money that you spent because of the motorcycle accident.

Necessary Evidence for Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Accident Photos and Videos

Make sure to take photographs and videos of the vehicles involved, the streets and area around the crash site, and your injuries. These are good pieces of evidence to support your accident claim. It’s also an excellent idea to make a video so you can record the weather conditions, the amount of traffic, and other things that might serve as crucial evidence.

Police Report

When you’re in a motorcycle accident, call the police immediately so you can get the accident on record. The police will generate a detailed report about the events of your crash, including information from witnesses and the other motorist.

Witness Statements

You will want to get the contact information of every witness to the accident even if the police report has all the witness’ information. Give this information to your attorney so they can use it to support your lawsuit.

Medical Bills and Records

To prove how severe your injuries are, be sure to make copies of your medical bills and records. These documents will also show the medical treatment you receive for the motorcycle accident.

Documents from Your Job

You are entitled to compensation for your lost wages while recovering from your motorcycle accident. Be sure to get your pay stubs, your job health benefits, and your work login hours to figure out the amount of lost wages you should get in your settlement.

Help From Our Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you have certain rights according to the law. Our Denver motorcycle accident attorneys will help you collect the necessary evidence to file your claim or lawsuit. Call or go online to schedule a free consultation.

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