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What is Included in Lampert & Walsh’s Privacy Policy?

In a terrifying world where it seems danger lurks at every corner, it’s important you’re kept in the know about everything regarding your privacy. From patient confidentiality to terms of agreement with software or apps, you have sovereignty over what information of yours is shared. Many people don’t even realize how much they legally agree to be allowed.

The Importance Of Your Privacy

At Lampert & Walsh, your privacy is our main concern. Everything we do both online and face-to-face is designed to preserve your integrity and privacy, while also getting you compensation and justice in the courtroom for wrongful circumstances.

How We Protect Your Privacy

The Lampert & Walsh privacy policy was created with your information and it’s vital protection in mind. Our goal is that you feel safe and secure when coming to us, both online and in person, which is why we have designed this policy. We work with a very transparent business model, meaning you can access our privacy policy easily from our website and our doors are open for any questions, concerns, and comments you feel we should hear about.

As stated in our privacy policy, our only intentional exchange of personal information is between us and the website host. Any and all information you submit to us online may be intercepted, so beyond basic identification details, we will not ask for any sensitive personal information from you over an unsecured communication. The details you are required to provide through our online services will not contain sensitive personal information that would be of value to anyone else but our attorneys as we help to develop a quote or appointment for you.

Furthermore, our privacy policy is upfront about our promise to never sell or trade your information in any way, shape, or form. We do not make a profit off of any details you tell us online, and our only goal in receiving these details are better service you and your potential court case.

Why We Have Third Party Sources On Our Site

If you’re a frequent or thorough visitor on our website, you may have noticed some outside links being included in our resources. This is touched upon in our public privacy policy.

Any and all third party sites that you may discover through our company website are used for their ability to further help and assist you. They do not benefit from the inclusion on our site, nor do we profit from their content.

We do not endorse anything that is not accessible on this site, and the content or information on third party websites is not under our responsibility.

Legal Disclaimer

Finally, our privacy policy concludes with a disclaimer designed to protect us just as much as you. We offer several resources on our website, including but not limited to legal advice and explanations. These are for educational purposes and should not be used fact or law. Please contact us for an in-person meeting for specific help with the law and your case.

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