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What Should I Do if a Semi Truck Hits Me?

Semi Truck

In many ways, an accident with a semi-truck is more stressful than with another vehicle. These massive trucks cause more damage to your vehicle and yourself. Getting medical help after a truck accident is one of the first things you should do. However, you may be wondering what your next steps are in the aftermath of the accident.

Did you know that filing a legal claim after a truck accident is different from a car accident claim? Know how to protect your legal rights by following these tips if you’re in a semi-truck collision.

Initial First Steps

Document the scene

If it is safe for you to be out of your vehicle, and if you are well enough, take time to document the scene around you. Simply taking a few pictures of the license plate of the truck and other vehicles involved is enough. However, if you want to be a little more thorough, get as much of the following information as possible.

  • Note the weather, visibility, and road conditions
  • Get the other driver’s personal contact information
  • Get the name of the driver’s trucking company and employer
  • Take a picture of the other driver’s insurance information and policy number
  • Record any other identifying information

Keep your cool.

You have a right to be upset or angry. However, outspoken unpleasantries could cause problems later on. It’s best to keep a clear head so that you can pay attention to everything happening around you. Additionally, you don’t want to admit to fault or liability. Although you’ll want to give a statement to the police, you can keep it simple. Even if you are partially responsible, a Denver truck accident lawyer can help reduce your liability.

File a police report

The easiest way to obtain immediate documentation of the accident is through the police report. Get in contact with the officers who arrived first at the scene of the collision. It’s their job to maintain accurate records of the accident – like who was involved and their statements. This can help determine who was at fault and assist in any legal battles.

Attend to injuries

Semi-truck accidents often result in serious personal injury. Be sure to request a full medical evaluation with your doctor. Get a copy of all medical records pertaining to the accident and keep them organized. This includes copies of receipts and medical insurance documentation, as well.

When to Call a Denver Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been involved in a semi-truck accident, a Denver truck accident attorney can help. You may think that simply talking to your insurance company is your first step to coverage. Unfortunately, their objective is to pay out as little as possible. In order to fully cover your claims and protect yourself legally, you’ll need to the help of a skilled attorney.

There are so many complications when it comes to truck accidents. Let the attorneys at Lampert and Walsh advocate for you. From contacting the trucking company to navigating through federal regulations, you’ll get the settlement amount you deserve.

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