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When do I need an aviation lawyer?


Accidents and problems related to the Airline Industry fall under the umbrella category called Aviation Law. Like on the road in automobiles, many different laws, rules, and regulations are in place to protect both passengers and airlines from tragedy and keep everything fair and reliable. Of course, even the best systems have flaws and errors do occur. When this happens, having an aviation lawyer on your team is essential to solving the problem.

What Is An Aviation Lawyer?

As rare as it may seem, accidents involving airplanes do happen, and major injuries or loss can be a result of these tragedies. Every airline has their own legal and defense team for these situations, trained and designed to minimize fallout. Unfortunately, for the victims of these mistakes and accidents, it can mean a long, scary road of tough court battles, confusing cases, and layers of legal complexities.

A Denver Aviation Lawyer is knowledgeable in the matters regarding Aviation Law and skilled in fighting for compensation and going against the affluent attorneys hired by the airline at fault. Our experts at Lampert & Walsh knows the NTSB standards and law front and back, and can evaluate your case accurately. They will represent you in court, guide you through the process, and fight on your behalf for compensation.

Since this is such a specific area of law, no general attorney can cover these concerns as well as someone experienced and trained in this field can.

When Do You Need An Aviation Lawyer

Fortunately, there are not many circumstances that exist in which you find yourself in need of an aviation lawyer. Two clearly defined categories for court cases related to aviation law exist, and at Lampert & Walsh, we have dealt with several of these cases and have the experience to defend you.

You or a Loved One Were Injured

Accidents happen, even on an airplane. Crashes, malfunctions, or other forms of an error on either the airline or pilot’s fault can cause injury to the passengers or staff, which may result in the need for a court case to pursue compensation and justice. In the instance of a pilot’s error, an Aviation Attorney will be able to access the case and determine who is at fault and bring the evidence and truth upfront for a judge to review.

They will fight for compensation for all medical damages and expenses, as well as psychological damages, and any other possible expenses that were added to your financial state as a result of this injury due to the airline’s error.

You Lost a Loved One

In the worst-case scenario, a loved one may be a fatality in a crash or accident while on an airplane. These cases are very traumatic and heavily weighed and need the iron will of a skilled lawyer to properly defend in court. Having the assistance of your attorney can help you decide to press charges, pursue different routes for justice, or accept a settlement offered by either the pilot or airline lawyers.

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