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When do I need an aviation lawyer?

Accidents and problems related to the Airline Industry fall under the umbrella category called Aviation Law. Like on the road in automobiles, many different laws, rules, and regulations are in place to protect both passengers and airlines from tragedy and keep everything fair and reliable. Of course, even the best systems have flaws and errors do occur. When this happens, having an aviation lawyer on your team is essential to solving the problem. What Is An Aviation Lawyer? As rare as it may seem, accidents involving airplanes do happen, and major injuries or loss can be a result of these tragedies. Every airline has their own legal and defense team… Read More

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are sleek, fun, fast, and exhilarating. It’s a vehicle and skill that is adored by many, with full clubs and communities and festivals held in honor of the bike and it’s dedicated riders. There are many positive sides to riding a motorcycle, but it’s important to be educated on the risks, as well as picking up a few tips for how to avoid a dangerous collision while out on the road. Dangers Of Motorcycle Accidents Aside from the obvious horrors associated with vehicle collisions, there has been direct evidence that Denver motorcycle accident linked to causing cerebral palsy. Many other forms of brain injury, as well as wrongful death… Read More

3 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay Safer on the Roads

Road safety is an essential part of life, but as we get older and driving becomes second nature to us, there are many rules and habits we neglect as autopilot takes over on the road. Usually, we complete our drive just fine, but that all can change in just a split second when tragedy strikes. Most car accidents are born from small mistakes, like momentary distractions or unknowingly speeding. A few simple safety habits to follow every time you’re behind the wheel can be the difference between life or death for you and everyone around you on the road. A little bit of extra attention spent while driving on your… Read More

Exploring Your Options in a Wrongful Death Case

Losing a loved family member is always a very hard experience, especially if you have had to suffer due to someone else’s negligence. If this is your life right now, a lawsuit is the last thing you want to worry about, but it’s important you get what is owed to you. Understanding a wrongful death lawsuit and knowing what options you have for compensation can help you move on from this painful chapter. How Wrongful Death Cases Work When someone’s behavior, or lack of appropriate action, causes someone’s death and the responsibility they have can be proven, you have ample grounds for a wrongful death case. A few good examples… Read More

Is Your Workplace Protecting Your Safety?

Staying safe while at work is never considered a privilege, but instead a right that every employee has. While part of protecting your safety is your job, such as wearing proper protective gear, it is also your employer’s duty to ensure that the work conditions are safe. It is also up to them to provide you the necessary equipment you need to stay safe. Workplace safety is a very important topic for both employers and employees. If an accident happens at work, not only is the employer liable for paying for your medical bills, they are also at risk of violating various laws and regulations that could shut them down…. Read More