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Traumatic Brain Injuries Commonly Caused by Negligence

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More than 50,000 Colorado residents suffer from traumatic brain injuries, according to Brain Injury Alliance Colorado. Brain injuries can be caused by participating in athletic activities, falls, car accidents, even bicycle crashes. Injuries sustained can be anything from bumps to concussions, but the end results can be severe, such as coma or death. Commonly, traumatic brain injuries are caused by negligence. Brain injuries are commonly caused by falls or car accidents. The most common injuries are concussions and contusions. Concussions are usually mild injuries caused by a sudden jolt to the head or neck. This causes the brain to move inside the skull and injure nerves and other necessary components…. Read More

71st PostGraduates Assembly in Anesthesiology Held in New York City

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This past December, the 71st PostGraduates Assembly in Anesthesiology kicked off in New York City. The gathering attracted over 4,000 attendants from around the world, all interested in learning about the latest developments in anesthesia tech and science. The assembly offered over 200 educational sessions, special lectures, and even hands-on workshops for attendees to enjoy. The goal of the assembly was to bring folks together and have them share, expand, or develop new ideas in intensive care, emergency medicine and surgery, and pain management. During the assembly, symposium director Edmon Cohen led the 4th Annual Thoracic Assembly Symposium, in which attendees were encouraged to take part and learn how to:… Read More

Colorado Child Tragically Loses Life to Pharmacy Error

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A Colorado pharmacy has come under investigation after one of its patients tragically lost their life due to overdose caused by a pharmacy error. According to the grieving mother, her child was hospitalized after taking 1,000 times his normal dosage of Clonidine, a medication used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. The child suffered swelling of the brain and was rushed to the hospital and treated. After being released from the hospital, the child once again suffered the same symptoms in early June and tragically lost their life. The pharmacy which prescribed the 30 mg tablet, instead of the child’s usual 0.3 mg dosage, admitted to having made… Read More

Intoxicated Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Driver: Who Is Liable?

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A 42 year old driver fatally struck a pedestrian in Denver, Colorado in mid-December last year. In this particular case, however, the driver may not be charged with anything due to officers’ suspicions that the pedestrian was intoxicated when he crossed the road. According to the report, officers investigated witness testimonies, tested the driver’s blood alcohol level, and even looked into the exact location that the pedestrian crossed the street. The officers found that the driver was not intoxicated during the crash. Further, it seemed that the pedestrian who was fatally struck had crossed the same road twice and chose to avoid using a crosswalk in both instances. Also, the… Read More

Ford’s Latest Idea Could Help Detect Driver Fatigue

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Ford may be the first automotive company to create a wearable device that can sense driver fatigue. The Ford Safe Cap comes with built-in sensors that can detect the head-nodding movements of a truck driver that may be falling asleep behind the wheel. Since truckers have a stressful, demanding job driving thousands of miles with little movement for hours at a time, it’s no wonder truckers are struggling to stay alert while on the job. This innovative technology could be a huge step forward for the trucking industry in minimizing fatigue related trucking accidents on major roads. The Ford Safe Cap also has built-in sensors in the lining that measure… Read More