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Can an Attorney Help Me After a Slip and Fall?

There are many things to navigate during a slip and fall case and it’s not always easy to prove negligence. That’s why it’s important to hire Denver slip and fall attorneys if you’ve been involved in a recent accident. An attorney well-versed in slip and fall cases can help you answer case questions regarding the hazard that caused the fall and determine if some party acted with negligence.

Without an attorney’s help, you may not be able to prove whether the other party caused unreasonable damage. Read more on how Denver slip and fall attorneys can help you with your case.

An Attorney Can Establish Fault

The first step in any slip and fall case is to establish fault by proving the negligence of the property owner. Without evidence of negligence, your case won’t go to trial and you’ll fail to receive a fair settlement for damages. Collecting the evidence to prove that the owner’s negligence caused your accident can take time, so you’ll need to contact your attorney right away.

Your accident attorney will first ask you questions regarding the incident so that they can determine how you incurred the injuries. Details like where the fall happened, how it occurred, and why help your attorney get a bigger picture of the accident, and who could be at fault.

Some questions your attorney may ask you are:

  • Were there any substances on the ground or nearby that could have caused your fall?
  • Were there any defects on the steps or ground where you fell?
  • Was there something else you stumbled over like a bag or coat?
  • Was something distracting you, like a cellphone, when you fell?

These questions will help your slip and fall attorney defend you in court and establish fault on the defendant. They will also help the court examine the scene of the accident during your case trial. Depending on how much information your attorney needs to present in court, they may also hire outside professionals to help bolster your case.

An Attorney Can Prove All Losses

Another thing that your slip and fall attorney can help you with is proving your losses as a result of the accident. Unfortunately, your case can’t be justified with a simple, “I can’t work because I was injured” statement. However, a lawyer can assist with reviewing your employment records, organizing medical bills, and claiming non-economic losses.

With proof of lost income and medical records, your attorney can easily compile a file with all necessary documents claiming loss from your accident. With all proper paperwork and evidence compiled, your attorney can prove all losses for your case and get you the best settlement offer.

Contact Denver Slip and Fall Attorneys

To achieve success during your slip and fall case, contact the top personal injury and accident attorneys in Denver. We offer strong legal backing during slip and fall cases on a contingency fee basis with free consultations. No matter your case, our professional and experienced slip, and fall attorneys can help win your case.

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