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The ‘must have’ checklist for hiring a personal injury law firm


Hiring a legal professional that’s right for you during cases of serious personal injury may seem like an intimidating task. You’ll need a personal injury law firm with experienced attorneys that are willing to go above and beyond for your case. And experience isn’t the only thing that matters. Having a professional on your side that you can trust is equally as important. 

Use this simple checklist to determine which Denver personal injury law firm is right for you. 

Initial consultations are available

A typical law firm will provide consultations for your case to make sure that they can properly serve you. During this initial consultation with the firm, you’ll have the chance to ask an attorney any questions you may have. They may ask you for some forms of documentation like the police report for your claim, any medical bills you’ve accrued up to this point, if you’ve had any loss of income since the accident, proof of correspondence with your or the other party’s insurance representative, and your demand for damages.

Initial consultations typically result in no charge to you. This is a time for you to discover the law firm’s process and to build a foundation of trust. It also gives the firm a chance to make sure that they are properly suited to handling a case such as yours.  

The firm is reputable 

Hiring a reputable firm that is well-established in your community helps to foster trust and ensures that you choose the right firm for your case. Local firms that have been in practice for five years or more are also more likely to be in good standing and have an interest in the community around them. It is essential to perform some research regarding the firm’s merits. 

Be sure to choose a personal injury law firm with a high percentage of winning cases like yours. Attorneys who are experienced in fighting for the plaintiff (your case) rather than the defendant (who you’re filing against) will have a better chance when representing you. A good personal injury attorney will have several examples of cases won that are similar to yours. 

They are willing to communicate

Look for open communication, not only between you and your attorney, but within the firm itself. Your knowledge of the case will only improve your situation, making the process easier for you to understand. A firm’s transparency with you about your case will also help to ease stress and tension during this time. Be sure to bring up any pertinent questions you may have regarding the firm’s decisions and how their representative is handling your case. If you have any issues with the attorney’s process, discuss it with the firm directly. 

They are willing to work with your settlement goals

Depending on the case and your situation, the firm will discuss how much they think your case is worth and if they can succeed in obtaining payout for damages. Not only should a reputable personal injury firm be upfront with you about the range of the settlement and how much they can obtain from the insurance company, but they should be adequately invested in your situation. The firm of your choosing should settle for nothing less than what you need, no matter how long it takes.

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